Aluminium-bronze coating

Coating materials, such as aluminium bronze, are often used for size recovery of worn or undersized machined components.

These coatings have excellent fusion properties that match those of sintered bronze materials and can be applied in seawater conditions.
These materials are also used as a buffer coating under extremely hard wear-resistant top coatings.

The lamellar structure and microporous coating means this coating has self-lubricating properties and can absorb oil or grease.

Sprayed layers of aluminium bronze are better resistant against heat oxidation than most other bronze types. The high-pressure resistance and strength of the layer make it a suitable material for heavy-duty bearings.


  • Extremely good lubricating fusion properties
  • Maximum operating temperature: 450˚C
  • Thick layers of up to 5 mm possible
  • Seawater resistant


  • Preventive improvement of steel and bronze components
  • Bearing fits
  • Propeller shafts
  • Guide bushes
  • Guide tracks
  • Plungers

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