HP-HVOF sprays

HP-HVOF is short for High Pressure – High Velocity Oxygen Fuel spraying. During HP-HVOF spraying, a mixture of kerosene or gas and oxygen is ignited. In a special nozzle, the gas flow expands to extremely high speeds of approximately 2,200 m/s. Depending on the type, the axially injected powder operates at speeds of up to 700 m/s.






• Fine microstructure
• Very dense layers, little porosity
• High bond strength
• An extremely smooth finish can be achieved
• Optimum microhardness
• Good corrosion properties
• Extremely suitable for hard metal (carbide coatings)
• Low oxidation level

Typical coatings

• Cermets
• Carbides (hard metals, wolfram carbide, chrome carbide)
• Super alloys based on cobalt, nickel and iron (Stellite, Triballoy, Inconel)
• Hard chrome replacements (HCR - Hard Chrome Replacement)
• MCrAlYs bond coatings - undercorrosion coatings under TBCs (Thermal barrier coatings)


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