Rokide flexicord and rod spraying

With Rokide flexicord and rod spraying, an electromotor is used to transport a material in a filled wire or rod form through a spray gun and melted centrally in a burning acetylene-oxygen mixture. Then the melted material is sprayed at high speed by means of compressed air onto the workpiece to create a coating.
This system can be used to spray many different materials, such as nickel-based materials, wolfram carbides, but also ceramic materials, such as chrome oxide, aluminium oxide and zircon oxide. The low tension in the coating means it is possible to spray thick layers, 2 mm thick ceramic layers are not an exception.







 Some characteristics of Rokide coatings

• Microporous lamellar structure, self-lubricating
• Good pressure resistance
• Versatile and choice of many materials
• Low tensions in the coating, which makes thick layers possible

Typical coatings

• Nickel-based alloys (Colmonoy types)
• Cermets, carbides (hard metals)
• Ceramic coatings (oxides)


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